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1979 P

In 1976 there was a small "march" and contemporary press did call it a "gay pride parade"

The Anita Bryant Protest
took the place of a planned parade in 1977, and became Houston's Stonewall

Town Meeting I was the
event for 1978, on June 25th



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Clippings, especially pre-2005, are mostly culled from This Week in Texas or the various incarnations of The Voice



There was a bit of early Gay Pride Week coverage, as seen in the 1973 clipping.
For 1977, preliminary plans were made, and a city permit was received,
but the funds just were not available, that is, until Anita
threatened and the community came together.

Doug Turner used his name on the application, as a member of the GAA. And the Chronicle
felt it necessary to 'out' him with his name and address...actually,
his parent's address as he was a UH student, living at home. He was 21.