Houston Pride 2007


And, see another page of 176 photos from 2007 (added 3/10/18)

a few pre-Parade photos, courtesy of LOAF


few photos were taken, due to the weather

Festival Photos by JD Doyle


Josh Duffy


below, Josh Duffy with husband Joseph Hart Duffy (well, they weren't married then, now they are)
they guested on my radio segment also



above & below, Amy Cook


below right, Laurel, a Pride Superstar winner


Below, singing brothers Nemesis had a short TV doc series about them
and as they headlined the show they lost their shirts








Lots of controversy this year, as they "almost" moved the parade downtown.
They got community input and it was decided not to move. In 2015 the Pride
organization opted to not involve the community and just moved downtown...
an unpopular tactic with many.


and, above, the photo from the article
and below, Larry with Ralph Lasher