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Welcome to Houston LGBT History, which embodies my gay agenda of getting our history online. My approach is to compile information on many aspects of our culture, culled from our publications and coupled with photos and videos when available, and lots more.

And there's quite a bit of history items from Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth and San Antonio...and the rest of Texas and beyond on these pages...I just can't help myself....


Collage I created for the opening of the Phoenix Room, upstairs at Houston Eagle, 2016
87 bars from our history

See This Link for poster info and close-up

Only one is still open, can you find it?

Also, here's my Houston Bar page

JD Doyle, photo/ Alex Rosa,
OutSmart Magazine /10/20

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And Joyce Gabriola, UH LGBT History Research Collections Librarian, says my "superpower is creating queer history rabbit holes"

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Pages for this site began in May 2013, as part of my website Queer Music Heritage...that really wasn't logical, but I already had that site...when it got too big it jumped to its own site.
More on that evolution.

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The book is finally out...


1981 My Gay American Road Trip: A Slice of Our Pre-AIDS Culture

"1981. Rich with promise and possibility, the post-Stonewall era
saw queer Americans standing up for themselves and each other
like never before. With the rise of gay newspapers, bars, clubs, and
businesses in cities all over the US, it was a time of hedonism,
activism, pride, and community. A scene ripe for exploration and
documentation, and journalist JD Doyle hit the road to do just that,
traveling through 27 states to create a playful, intimate, profusely
illustrated, one-of-a-kind record of gay life, love, lust, and liberation
in the heady days before the devastating crisis that would change

(7/1/23) Yeah, the book is finally out, a five-year process, and my
publisher wrote that...hey, he loves the book.

Just For Fun.....


  The above was sent to me by my friend Robert Young, who lives
   in Connecticut, and since then others have tagged me in posts
   about it, Insisting the guy on the right was me. Well, I wish,
   but Cal Mawson lives in Melbourne, Australia, and he DOES
   look like I did, around 1981. But Cal is actually talented, and
   can dance and sing, and oh yeah, he has tattoos and chest
   hair. He could play me in the movie of my book.

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