Houston Pride Parade 1980
Courtesy of the Botts Collection

Photographer unknown, and not displayed in parade order.
scanned from negatives

Video, 54 min



below, Pride hankie given out by the Montrose Counseling Center (scan courtesy of Steve Sobota)

below, Integrity Houston float

Astro Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf, Flamingo Bar & Grill in background, now home of Katz Deli

awaiting the next float

below, the Copa


below, Venture-N

below, Montrose Mining Company construction vehicle
and Midnite Sun in background and Cesar's Palace across the street

the GPC, Gay Political Caucus...Bloc Vote!

below, I guess, KRLY radio following R9D4

Gay Parents of Houston (if I can read the sign)
and that may be Annella Harrison (of PFLAG) holding the sign "I'm Not a Closet Mother"


Montrose Marching Band

two Spotts Park Rally photos below by Donn M
Below at mic is Alice Shrader

Mining Company entry, by Donn M

I believe these next two were at a baseball game,
with the Montrose Marching Band playing in the bleechers
probably at the event on June 21 with the MSA softball league team against the HPD

at a Pride event, Lee Harrington and Don Amador, guest speaker at June 20 event
See June 20 clipping below

Another batch of 1980 photos, photographer unknown, courtesy of the Botts Collection

Gary Spino and Suzi Moechel, Mr & Ms Gay Pride
below, Councilpersons Dale Gorczynski and Lance Lalor

Clowns and Integrity/Houston

MKA was Mystic Krewe of Apollo, from Lafayette,
but they had a Houston chapter for a while

above & below, Parade Club

above & below, Numbers

well, the balloon above says MCCR, but that doesn't mean this was their car

Photos by Joe Watts


above, not a real magazine...but sure a good fake out

MKA was Mystic Krewe of Apollo, from Lafayette,
but they had a Houston chapter for a while

You may notice some members of the crowd wearing black armbands. This was in honor of
Caucus Secretary Fred Paez, who was shot by a Houston Policeman on the eve of Pride.
See his obituary for the story.

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below, Pride Handkerchief