Houston Pride Parade 1991

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These are courtesy of Lesbians Over the Age Fifty (L.O.A.F.) from their 1991 photo album,
and I am delighted to be able to share them, as they are the only photos from the 91 Parade
to which I have had access. Naturally, they are mostly of the LOAF entry, but a vew others
were included, like for Rich's, MCCR and the Montrose Counseling Center.


above, MCCR

above, Montrose Counseling Center

Above & Below, Rich's

below, Pride Table, (in front of Mary's) photo by Donn M




Houston Pride Poster, 1991
I thank Aldo Watkins for contributing this to the JD Doyle Archives...
yeah, that's a real thing, it's got a 501c3, and accepts donations of our
history. While it's partially autographed not all the names can be read,
and I've love to know who all these folks are, please.

1 Lonnie ?
2 Ronnie Diaz & Debbie Holmes
3 ? & ?
4 Felipe ? & David ?
5 ??? & Torrie Justice & Stephanie ? & Sally Woods, Diane Shaw
7 Rob Bridges
8 Brad Veloz & Mike Rodriguez
10 Carey Spikes
11 Carolyn Mobley & ?

fold-up flyer


If you have photos of the 1991 Parade to share with me for this page, Please contact me.