Houston Pride
~1988 to 2001
And Pride Parade Procedures, 1989-2017

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These issues are courtesy of Jack Valinski, who was Editor
for many of the issues and had varying roles in Pride over
these years, including Chairman of the Board. They were
issued in an effort to inform and involve the community
in the work done by Pride Houston, as the Parade
belongs to everyone.

The newsletters were issues on a sporatic basic several
times a year and varied from 8 1/2"x11" format to
newspaper style, 11"x14", and averaging mostly 12 pages.
In addition to giving he status of the efforts toward the annual
Pride Week and Parade, it always included a community
calendar which now a valuable historical resource describing
what organizations existed in Houston and
their own activities.
Also included were articles of interest from other publications.

I do not know what issues may have preceded 1988 or followed
2001, and would apprciate any help filling in gaps. I will note
that likely the major reason for the newsletters being stopped
would be the internet and decreased usage of printed means
of communicating Pride information.

In a number of cases when the newsletters were particularly
thin or issued closely together I scanned them into a single file.
The January and February 1988 issues were the only one of a
smaller page size, 7"x 8 1/2".
Note the misspelled "Lesbain" on the 1993 one....!


1988, Jan-Feb PDF

1988, June PDF


1991, Mar PDF

1991, Apr PDF

1991, May & Jul PDF

1991, Aug-Sep-Nov PDF

1991, Dec PDF

1992, Jan-Feb PDF

1992, Mar PDF

1992, Aug PDF

1992, Sep-Oct PDF

1992, Dec PDF

1993, Jan-Feb-Mar PDF

1993, Apr-May PDF

1993, Nov PDF

1994, Jan-Feb-Apr PDF

1994, Nov-Dec PDF

1995, Jan PDF

1995, Jun-Sep PDF

1995, Nov PDF

1996, Jan-Mar PDF

1996, Apr-May PDF

1996, Jun-Aug PDF
1996, Oct PDF

1997, Jan PDF

1997, Mar-Apr-Jun PDF

1997, Aug PDF

1998, Apr-Jul PDF

1998, Sep PDF

1999, Mar PDF

1999, Jul PDF

2000, Jan & Jul PDF

2001, Feb PDF

2001, Spring, PDF

2001, Jul PDF

              Were there newsletters after 2001?

Pride Parade Procedures
This is the information packets given to parade participants giving what they need to know,
ie, rules, when and where to meet, the map, the order of the marchers, etc, etc

The guide for 2007 included a guide for building floats and other useful info, good for most any year


1989 Procedures PDF

1990 Procedures PDF

1992 Procedures PDF

1993 Procedures PDF

1994 Procedures PDF

1995 Calendar PDF

1997 Procedures PDF

2000 Procedures PDF

2001 Procedures PDF

2002 Procedures PDF

*most of these records
are courtesy of L.O.A.F.

2003 Procedures PDF

2004 Procedures PDF

2005 Procedures PDF

2006 Procedures PDF

2007 Procedures PDF

2008 Procedures PDF

2011 Procedures PDF

2013 Procedures PDF

2014 Procedures PDF

2017 Procedures PDF


Also, from 1989 through 1992 there was an event called the Pride Awards
I have only seen the 1991 Program,
if you can give me access to scanning others
I would appreciate it


 Additions are added often, so please check back