Houston Pride 2019

Grand Marshal Recipients



Honorary Grand Marshals

Monica Roberts, Dee Dee Watters, Atlantis Narcisse, Ana Andrea Molina



At the GM Reception at Hamburger Mary's, June 12


Above, hobnobbing with Jay Allen, Don Gill
Below, with Harrison Guy, Mike Webb and Ryan Wilson


Video by Sara Fernandez of the History Tent

Pride History Tent Guidebook, by Kirk Baxter

History Tent Photos, by Alexis Melvin


Download the History Tent Flyer

Screen Grabs from the TV airing of the Parade

these are decidedly Not in Parade order
and Not in perfect focus...they are grabs from live video



The hosts....he was fine, she was terrible, could add nothing to the commentary other than idle-headed chatter






my gang: Blake Mudd, JD, Stephen Miranda, Mark Bailes, Austin Davis Ruiz






And, of course, Photos by Dalton DeHart
Courtesy OutSmart Magazine

Pride Cover in OutSmart

and Read the Article

And, Houston at World Pride in NYC