Houston Pride 2014

Forgive me for being a bit indulgent in coverage of 2014, as I had a the huge honor
to be chosen Male Grand Marshal, a really big deal for me. And friends were helping
me campaign and Brandon Wolf took lots of wonderful photos of my place in the Parade.
So much of everything I have for this year is about me, me me....sorry.


first batch is from Project-Q

above left, Cynthia Gorzinski (in black) with Ali Lozano; at right, Ally winners Fernando Armburo & Sara Walters
below, my best friend of over 30 years, Scott Wyatt came in from Norfok to share the ride with me,
and I was grateful to share the last trip down Westheimer for the Parade, before it unfortunately moved downtown



above left, Larry Criscione and Sara Fernandez carried my banner, which I got to keep


some campaign posters at Neon Boots and the Ranch Hill Saloon (thank you!)


above, the nominees (missing: Lane Lewis and Judy Reeves)
below, at a party (the late) John Danielson, and Bob Briddick

the winners with the Pride Board

above, I was literally stunned when my name was called
and below, very cool that my good friend Bryan Hlavinka got to read my name
(Angie Marino photo)


above, with Sara Fernandez; and at home I dubbed Miss Parker Grand Dog Marshal
below, at a party, four Grand Marshals (JD, 2014, John Nechman, 2013, Dalton DeHart, 2008, Mitchell Katine, 2001)


above right, Ray Hill at the Heritage Gala,
below left, four more Grand Marshals...I'm with Jack Valinski (2007), Jenifer Rene Pool (2012), Bryan Hlavinka (2011).
This is cool as we were all hosts on Queer Voices. Below right, Gary Wood (2010), Eric Liston and Bob Briddick


Below left, Sallie Wyatt-Woodell (2017) and her wife, Carol (2010); below right, Brian Keever (1992) and Januari Leo (2013)


below, GM Selfie at Pride event at South Beach

Brandon Wolf Photos




See below for my Facebook post of The Story of the Pink Shirt



Chris Garza Photos

below, JD and Fran Watson at Rock the Runway


Above, for more detail on the Parade, and the exact line-up Download

below, from About Magazine

And this was the year the Pride Organization, without any input from the community,
decided the Parade for 2015 would move downtown. Reactions were Very mixed,
strongly on both sides. The Houston Press did a feature on it in October 2014,
and printed a statement I made about it in Facebook at the time. That excerpt is also below.