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Royal Dixon and Chester Snowden
Dixon, 3/25/1880 - 6/4/62
Snowden, 10/8/1900 - 9/7/84

Royal Dixon was a prominent writer, author, lecturer, and naturalist.
And Chester Snowden was a prolific painter and illustrator, and the key
is that they were a known couple in the Houston art and literary world
from the early 1930s until Dixon's death in 1962. Snowden's middle
name was Genora, but he used Dixon as his middle name, not
sure if he changed that legally.

First, I want to share the extraordinary article by Brandon Wolf,
published in OutSmart Magazine in October 2015.

While I own a couple photos and pieces of their work, I am sharing
what I can gather together here to consolidate it for anyone interested,
into several sections. These have been assembled by Brandon and
my own internet searching.

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