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Royal Dixon and Chester Snowden

Books & Special Collection
Art & Art 2

Books & Special Collection

This collection of rare copies of Dixon's books (five of them signed)
was acquired in December 2017, along with a few items of special
photos and memorabilia. While many of the book images will
duplicate the ones on the "Books" page, I chose to repeat them here,
as these were scanned from the actual books and not grabbed from
the internet. Accordingly the clippings acquired are shown on this
page rather than in the Clippings section.

The Human Side of Plants, 1914

This long note was taped to the inside cover of the book, and while I cannot
make it all out, or who it is to, it reflects back to when he wrote it. This was
likely written in 1933, as in the back of the book were taped the program
for a lecture series, and a flyer.

Signs is Signs, 1915                                        Forest Friends, 1916


"Forest Friends" was signed to his sometimes collaborator Franklyn E Fitch

Human Side of Birds, 1917

This copy was signed to "Elizabeth" on January 1, 1945

Human Side of Trees, 1917                          Human Side of Animals, 1918


And this copy of "Human Side of Animals" is
signed, a gift to me from Laura McMorris

Personality of Plants, 1923                               Personality of Insects, 1924


Personality of Water Animals, 1925
with part of a book cover


Wildwood Friends, 1932

This copy was signed by both Dixon and Snowden, who was the illustrator

The Ape of Heaven, 1936

This was a Deluxe Edition, copy #5, signed by Dixon,
and with a review included

Half Dark Moon, 1939

This was a Deluxe Edition, hand-numbered #3, and packaged in a box.
An inside illustration by Snowden was of their "Patio" studio

Additional Clippings, Photos, and Memorabilia


Rare Photos: Above, Dixon in younger years and a few decades older;
below two from Xmas 1956...ususual to see a photo of them together

the parrot's name was Danny Boy

Lost Valley Ranch, 1950


These are likely all from the 1950s
below, xmas card signed by Dixon
and Easter card signed by both

Snowden was featured in the Art League of Houston Fifth Annual Art Fair, November 1952
Down the Entire Issue

A lengthy feature on Dixon appeared in the Houston Chronicle on 12/18/53

1958 Postcard to Dixon from Glory (probably Gloria) Spaulding,
apparently a wealthy opera singer (pass cursor over to see other side)


1955 letter to Harold Kittleson
Kittleson died in 2002 at age 97, See his Obituary

The letter mentions the December 1955 issue of Frontiers,
well, I don't have that one, but do have one from June 1964,
honoring Dixon after his death in June 1962



Download Full Memorial Program

after Dixon's death the Royal Dixon Foundation was established