A growing resource of mostly Houston LGBT history, with considerable statewide information





Larry Bagneris, Pride & Politics

Jack Valinski, Activist Supreme

Don Gill, Fundraiser Supreme

Gene Charlton & Carden Bailey
Texas Artists and Life-Partners
in the 1930s/1940s

Dr Pat Gustavson & Mignon M Weisinger
Lesbian Power Couple of the late 1900s

Houston's Fabulous Four / Fantastic Five

Art Historian Randy Tibbits

Joe Watts
The Grandfather of Gay Theatre in Houston
Extensive Section on His Plays

Leslie Perez
Killer Becomes Activist

Transition: Music by Phyllis Frye & Lilly Roddy
October 2005

Andy Mills Tribute  
Plus extensive section on
the Houston Pride Band

Royal Dixon & Chester Snowden
Power couple of the Houston
Arts Community from the 30's to the 60s

Minister Mike
(with videos)

Phil Johnson History Articles

Dallas historian Phil Johnson was a regular contributor to TWT
of articles on GLBT history, and they were of such high quality
that I have saved as many as I could find.

Interview with James T Sears
on his 2001 book
"Rebels, Rubyfruit, and Rhinestones"

This is generally the book I recommend first to those
wanting to read about Houston queer history

Female Impersonator Miss Billie Ert
"Legally" Marries in Texas

Brandi West Murder Case
not innocent....



Texas Obituary Project

All of those we have lost were
precious to us, but here is a
very subjective list of those
more notable.

Manuel Acosta
Michael Alfaro
Jay Allen
Thomas Audette
Don Baker
James Beecher
Charles Benbow
Charles Botts
Brian Bradley
Newman Braud
Fabian Bridges
Paul Broussard
Kristen Capps
Jimmy Carper
Tony Carroll
Walter Carter
Paul Clover
Frank Collins
Bruce Cook
Hugh Crell
Howie Daire
Kevin Davidson
Donna Day
John Day
Joe Desmond
Dennis Dunwoody
Arden Eversmeyer
James Farmer
Gene Harrington
Lee Harrington
Kenneth Harris
David Henderson
Ray Hill
Jay Hollyfield
Don Hrachovy
Bill Hunt
Debbie Hunt
Phil Johnson
Jim Jones
Mo Jones
Tiffany Jones
Wayne Joy
Jerry Kauffman
Ellsworth Kelly
Dee Lamb
Ralph Lasher
Charles Law
Cookie LaCook
Roger Lyon
William Marberry
Pete Martinez
Toni Mayes
Michael McAdory
Henry McClurg
Keith McGee
Dee McKellar
Dan Meador
Steven Meert
Mike Miesch
Maria Minicucci
Clint Moncrief
Bruce Monroe
Connie Moore
Michael Morrow
Bill Nelson
Fred Paez
Marion Pantzer
Randolph Parks
Chuck Patrick
David Patterson
Matthew Peregrine
Len Reber
Don Ritz
Monica Roberts
Alan Ross
Randy Ruhlman
Mark Schmidt
Robert Schwab
Bill Scott
Donald Shelton
Steve Shiflett
Steve Shimer
Naomi Sims
Paul Stewart
Troy Stokes
Walter Strickler
Gary Swisher
Terry Tebedo
Leonard Tharp
Brenda Thomas
Colt Thomas
John Thomas
Nickie Valdez
Lou Vanech
Gary Van Ooteghem
Dennis Vercher
Danny Villa
Rita Wanstrom
Joe Watts
Dick Weaver
Kenneth Whitehead
Richard Wiederholt
Michael B Wilson