Diana Foundation
1953 - present





The Diana Foundation was founded in 1953 and became a 501(c)3 foundation in 1976,
for the purpose of enabling its members to make contributions to the needs of
the Houston community.

As this is still a very active organization, this section cannot do it justice, so it displays a
quite haphazard representation of clippings and information from the past.

I recommend you visit OutSmart Magazine and search on their name for many, many articles.

Quick History

In 2010 Brandon Wolf wrote an excellent and thorough feature
article for Out Smart, and it ran in their March and April issues.
You can Download a PDF file of just the articles.

And Brandon compiled a much more comprehensive summary
(about 140 wonderful pages) of their history, with LOTS of photos,
which you can view by Downloading this PDF

But here are the first few pages...

From this 2018 book, on their 65th anniversary,
by Brandon Wolf

Which org came first, Diana's or ONE?
From Facebook discussion......


Click for Photos from 1975

Clippings 1975 - 1985 (this page)
Clippings 1986 - 1995 
Clippings 1996 -Present 


above is the earliest clipping I have found,
in the very first issue of TWT. As early events
were invitation only, that may have reduced media coverage.



28th Awards

Above and Below, Courtesy Mary Hooper


1982 Pride Parade Float


Below, the Dianas were name-checked in the 1983 board game Gay Monopoly
(sending the player to the Tower Theatre where many award shows were held)