Diana Foundation
1954 - present

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Where are the clippings after 2000?
TWT ended in August 2000 and there
were just not many local publications
after that point. It came back as a
bar rag in 2006, with much reduced
community coverage



In 2014 The Banner Project honored the Diana Foundation in their first batch of banners,
and each one has an essay dedicated to it. It was brought to the Diana Awards
on March 22, 2014, with founder Sara Fernandez posing along with JD Doyle.





On 4/29/19 on Queer Voices Bryan Hlavinka interviewed Brandon Wolf,
John Heinzerling and Tanner Williams about the event, 16 minutes

Download Press Kit for the 2019 Event  Click


Below, 2022 honoree Ann Robison (seated) with Lane Lewis, JD Doyle, Alexis Melvin



Group Photo: front row, between President Howard Huffstutler and Lane Lewis is Sharon Lord


Above, Sam Camacho, Bianca Del Rio and Dalton DeHart; the glorious entrance stairs; JD Doyle and Bianca
Below, JD, Zach Paugh and Austin Ruiz


Below, Mario Castillo and Joel Rottier; Howard Huffstutler presenting Legacy award to Kennedy Loftin


Above, Kennedy Loftin's talble, flanked by cuties, and Below, Tasha Kohl was Fantastic
singing Yvonne Fair's "It Should Have Been Me" and "Maybe," by the Three Degrees


Above, the talked Howard into this outfit and at right, Dalton, unknown, and Robert Hammond
Above far right, Tommie Ross, Tasha Kohl and Dina Jacobs, our local icons, in an Orlin Cullever photo