Tabloid Homosexuality

the 1950s/60s

Confidential, along with its Tabloid Rivals, Whisper,
Uncensored, Vice Squad & More
ruled the supermarket check-out aisles

Confidential (this page)
Exclusive / Exposed
He / Hush Hush
Inside Story
Jet Magazine
National Spotlite

issues shown roughly in date order

Confidential 1954 -1956
Confidential 1957 +


July 1957

Why Liberace's Theme Song Should Be "Mad About the Boy"

May 1957
Now--Homosexuals Can Be Cured!

September 1959

My Experience with Homosexuals in Women's Prison

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( scan courtesy Hugh Ryan )

October 1959

NY's Island Paradise for Men' Only

October 1960
Provincetown: Frantic Antics on the Atlantic

February 1962
Homos Are Taking Over Showbiz!
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May 1962

Where the Gay Boys Gambol:
Tattle-Tape Laddies Night in a Turkish Bath

August 1962

Cocinnelle: My Sex Change, Love Affairs, Famous Friends!
Tattletape: The Greenwich Village Club for Girls


September 1962

Cocinnelle: How the Sex Change Operation Was Performed on Me!


April 1963

Tattle-Tape Goes To A Gay Wedding


January 1964

First Homosexual Convention


March 1964

The Off-Broadway Musical Where the Pansies Bloomed Each Night

January 1965

The Limp Wrist Side of Civil Rights


June 1965

Miami: The 'Fairyland' Playland



October 1965

Homos on the March--the Day they Picketed the White House
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Women's House of Detention
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June 1966

The Flaming Heart: The Life and Loves of a Lavender Playboy

October 1967

The Truth About That Homosexual Blackmail Ring

And from the Feb 68 issue, the reply from Hal Call of the Mattachine to their article on blackmail

November 1967
Guess What --- The Guys Dressed as Girls Are Organizing

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February 1968
Coming: Homosexual Action Movies
British Army Units Are Up to Some Queer Tricks
Hal Call of the Mattachine complains about their coverage
of queer blackmail (see their Oct 67 issue above on this page)


March 1968

Hisses from the Manly Misses
The Real Reason Ronald Reagan Lied about his Homosexuals


January 1969

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December 1969

The Dating Game--Lavender Style

Teachers: If You're "Queer" Don't Get Caught


Below, covers only, years unknown


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