Tabloid Homosexuality

the 1950s/60s

Confidential, along with its Tabloid Rivals,
Whisper, Uncensored, Vice Squad & More
ruled the supermarket check-out aisles

Exclusive / Exposed
He / Hush Hush
Inside Story
Jet Magazine
National Spotlite

issues shown roughly in date order

People Today
a small (4"x6") mag

March 26, 1952

Homosexuals in America

People Today

August 25, 1954

3rd Sex Comes Out of Hiding:
Homosexuals Form New Organization

People Today

May 5 , 1954

New Facts About Sex Changelings

(from an eBay ad)

People Today

September 9, 1953

This Is a Bride
Tommy Gene Brown

only on the pages below

People Today

January 27, 1955

They Want to Legalize Homosexuality


okay, not "People Today," but "Dare," another small (4"x6") mag of the time,
and its single page on anything queer was the same Tommy Gene Brown
dressed in drag for a wedding party, though not giving his name

Dare, November 1952
The Inside Story on Homosexuals

by this time Dare was a full size pub, 8 1/2x11

Dare, April 1956 and Aug-Sep 1956
Homosexual Menace and Homosexuals Answer Back

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