The Copa

An iconic dance/showbar of Houston

2631 Richmond, @Kirby

1979 to 1986

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Gene Howle and his parter Lynn Ganey had previously owned a number of successful bars.
The links are for their obituaries, where more information can be found.

One was the Farmhouse. That club was initially at 3535 Westheimer, from April 1971 until it moved to 2710 Albany at the end of 1974. The Farmhouse remained in business until January of 1976
. (You may know that location as that of the Officer's Club, 1982-1986, with different owners).

After the Farmhouse they opened The Old Plantation
(2020 Kipling), from Dec 1975 to July 1979. And 1979 brings us up to The Copa.





First appearance by one of the Fab Four, Naomi Sims

Above, not sure if they also owned the Copa in Ft. Lauderdale, though it seems likely


First appearance by more of the Fab Four, Naomi Sims. Donna Day & Hot Chocolate

The Copa in Beaumont opens12/5/79
and, it was open until 5/30/97,
its last TWT Guide listing below



First appearance by Tiffany Jones





1980 Copa Pride float
















This recording can be heard on Gene's obituary page



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