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Art Wren's Silver Dollar

located at 616 Westheimer,
the current site of Katz Deli

from about 1956 until 1971 it went by "Art Wren's"
it was the "Silver Dollar" from 1971 to 1976

This was a "mixed" clientele restaurant, very popular after hours.
My father-in-law tells me he and his wife used to go there, probably
in the 1960s, just because "it was an interesting place to go."

this rare post card from early 1970s

below, it's mentioned as catering to a gay clientele in a 1962 travel guide

Art Wren's, in "gay news"

Above & below, from Ciao (gay travel magazine, 1974)

Below, mentioned in a 1975 ad for Contact's Wonders

Above & below, 1975 listings in The Nuntius and Update Weekly (a Nuntius offshoot)

Above, from The Nuntius, 1976...it would close circa 1977

Below, by the 1980 Pride Parade, it was the Flamingo Bar & Grill


Above left, Flamingo ad from August 1980, and right "Club Flamingo"
ad from February 1988, at 907 Westheimer, not sure if those clubs were
related, though appears likely. Tila's would take over that space in the meantime


not sure when it opened, but it was a listed a few times
in the TWT Guide, though not really a "gay" restaurant


Below, as Tila's Cantina, it got some unwelcome publicity in 1987

and it closed in 1988, and Katz took its place

Below, Katz, as it looks today
I understand that it was totally rebuilt inside, but had to keep the
exterior walls in order to maintain the same easement distance from
the street, as regulations are different now