Sonoma aka 1415 Bar & Grille

1415 California
Houston 77006

Owner: Jay Allen

1415 California has queer history going back
at least as far as 2000, and nowadays that
history is almost forgotten, because in 2010 the
medical offices that became Legacy
were built on that location, the start of that empire.

But from 2000 to 2010 its many office spaces,
looking a bit like an Eisenhower era school, were
used for other purposes, like a theatre....
showcasing a slew of productions by Director Joe Watts

as Theatre New West
The first was Fairy Tales

That was just one space in the building. It is also widely remembered
as the location of restaurants under the names
1415 Bar & Grille

At the Sonoma, Ed Gerhach and the Orchestra

And, back in 2001, I don't think this one lasted very long
Copa Cabana

This article on Legacy gives much history on the 1415 building

Photos of the 1415 California Building, before demolition in 2010
(Thanks to Brett Buffalo)

The bottom sign logo is for Pride, which had an office there, as did the Revels, a music organization