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This is by no means complete coverage, so if you can send
me scans of his other shows I would be glad to add them

A couple articles about Joe

Download Outsmart September 2000 Article

Download Chronicle October 2000 Article

And, below, from Q Texas

Fairy Tales (2000)

First Theatre New West production


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One Tit, a Dyke & Gin
The Bathtub

[ scans courtesy Mary Hooper ]

Donna Garrett's I Can Float (2000)

Bed, Boys & Beyond (2001)


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I'm pleased to say that I helped this production happen. In 2000 I saw this show in NYC,
at the Duplex, and loved it, and shortly after interviewed the writers for my radio show,
Queer Music Heritage. At this point I got Joe in contact with them and a Houston
production was arranged, the first production outside of NYC. The writers even
added a song for the Houston show, "Here in Montrose."

Key West (2001)


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Dirty Little Showtunes (2001)


and no airplay was permitted due to (violated) copyright laws...:)


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Boy Meets Boy (2001)


Quoz Presents All About Christmas Eve (2001)
Not directed by Joe Watts, though a Theatre West production

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The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told (2001, 2002)


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Billie Holiday: Colors of My Soul (2002)


Rob Nash's Romeo & Juliet: Sex & Love at Holy Cross High (2002)
Presented by Theatre New West

Coming Out Party (2002)


...above, looks like there was a last minute cast change




[ scans courtesy Mary Hooper ]

The Altruists (2003)


Fruit Cocktail (2003)
World Premiere


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candid fruit shots...

Article on Joe, 2003

Jerker (2003)


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The Only Thing Worse You Could Have Told Me (2003)


The Stops (2003)


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Listen to "The Fundamental"
Listen to "But You Are, Blanche"

The Eight Reindeer Monologues (2003)


Parallel Lives: The Kathy & Mo Show (2004)

Throughout the 2000s I worked quite a bit with Joe.
As I could do sound editing, for a number of his shows
I prepared a CD of the sound effects to be played by the
sound person during the show...things like bits of music
and general for Bent the sound of a train,
gunfire and the electric fence.

Bent (2004, 2005)



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Women Behind Bars (2005)
yes, the show that originally featured Divine


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108 Wavely (2005.....sometimes shows don't happen, this one didn't)

A couple articles on Joe & the Theatre

The Normal Heart (2006)

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Listen to this Interview (23 minutes)
Interview on KUHF by Chris Johnson, with Joe, Steve & Brett


with a repeat stage reading in 2010

Listen to this Interview (12 minutes)

Valhalla (2007)

Vagina Monologues (2008)
transgender cast

Timekeepers (2009)



Mornings (2009)


2010s Productions