"Houston's Twilight World"
"Peculiar Street" in "Homo Heights"

The article below has long fascinated me, as it reported on a "straight" look
at Houston's gay & lesbian nightlife, though stereotypical one, as reported
in the original article in the Houston Post Sunday Supplement Texas Tempo,
on January 28, 1968.

First, here's how noted historian Phil Johnson reported about it in TWT in 1994

I tracked down the original 1968 Texas Tempo article (on microfilm at Rice Fondren Library)

Houston's Twilight World:
Where Boys Meet Boys and Girls Go With Girls

and below is the bar listing from the March 1968 issue of The Albatross

See the entire issue
and other early gay pubications

below, bar ads that did not shy away from the Homo Heights name
(from The Nuntius, September 1970)

and, from Gayboy, Spring 1971