Houston Assorted
Early Publications

And Some Statewide Ones

This section of this site will feature downloadable and searchable PDF files of selected early
gay & lesbian publications, mostly from Houston, but including some statewide ones.
This is by no means all of the ones that existed, just the ones to which I had access, and
all are rare and interesting. If you can provide other issues of these and similar publications
for scanning purposes, please contact me. I am displaying these in roughly year order. Access

to these publications is courtesy of Gulf Coast Archive & Museum and The Botts Collection.
A listing of some early Houston GLBT publications (a work in progress) can be found at this link.
 Additions are added often, so please check back
Albatross, 1965 - 1968 (?)


Perhaps the earliest Houston publication, containing the earliest bar listings, which included The Exile (1954-1986), Pink Elephant (1936-1984) and LaFittes (still open).
All issues were 8 1/2x11"
Editor listed as Bob Eddy, Publisher given as Reuters of Houston. Note: the word "gay" does not appear until the May 1966 issue

Volume 1-1, 8/18/65, PDF

Volume 1-2, 10/1/65, PDF

Volume 1-3, 12/4/65, PDF

Volume 2-1, 5/4/66, PDF


Oddly, issues from 1968 were labeled as Volume 1 instead of Volume 3 ; perhaps due to change to a quarterly schedule. Not sure how long this was published

Volume 1-1, 3/68, PDF

Volume 1-2, Sum-68, PDF

Volume 1-3, Fall-68, PDF



Scans of all issues of
The Albatross after
Volume 1-2, and
The Nuntius
are courtesy
of the ONE Archives
at the USC Libraries,
in Los Angeles

Nuntius, 1970 - 1976
Citizen's News


See Special

Citizens News was a San Francisco quite amateur publication run solely by Guy Strait, somehow in business from 1964-67. He must have had some connection to Texas as he often reported on local news, including Houston bar ads. I have skimmed the entire run's relevant pages

Citizen's News, 64-67 PDF

Gayboy, 1970-1972

Gayboy was issued by Anaco Publishing, Houston and Ray Houston (of K&R Studios) was Editor and Mike Anthony was Associate Editor. After #3 Joe Anthony became Editor. I know of six issues, #1 in 1970, #2 to #5 in 1971, and #6 in 1972. (48-60 pages).

Vol 1 PDF, Vol 2 PDF, Vol 3 PDF
Vol 4 PDF, Vol 5, PDF, Vol 6 PDF
Vol 1-6 non-porno highlights PDF

I've gathered the "Houston content" from the magazine run in a 'highlights" PDF, above, and also see this ad, from the Nuntius.

David 1970-1972
Space City! 1969-1972
Texas Monthly, April 1973

David was an excellent publication out of Florida covering the SE part of the country, often including Houston. It ran from 1970 until at least 1973. I have taken from their run the pages relevant to Texas in this PDF

See This Page for more issues of David

Space City!
An Underground newspaper with plenty of gay coverage, especially of the Gay Liberation Front, active in those years. See all copies at This Link
and, I've compiled the most relevant clippings

Not a gay publication at all, but the April 1973 issue of Texas Monthly ran an excellent article on the state of the Montrose community; 13 pages.

TXM 04/73 PDF

Plus, link to a 2013 article remembering Montrose

Our Community, Dallas, 1971-1972

Our Community

An early Dallas publication; it included a bit of Houston mention.

With Issue #12, 1972 it merged with the Houston pub The Nuntius, which would last through 1974.

Around 12 pages. No staff names were given until Issue #8 when Steve Jonsson was listed as Editor.

Issue #1, Mar 1971, PDF
Issue #2, Apr 1971, PDF

Issue #3, May 1971, PDF

Issue #8, Oct 1971, PDF

Issue #9, Nov 1971, PDF

Issue #11, Jan 1972, PDF

Texas Gay Conference Programs, 1974-1982

Texas Gay Conferences

The TGC was formed in late 1973 and was held annually through 1982, rotating in different cities around the state to organize political activism. Conferences featured national speakers. At right are programs plus other correspondence.

Programs + Notes

TGC-I-06/21/74, PDF
TCC-II & III-06/75-76, PDF
TGC-IV-6/18/77, PDF
TGC-V-6/9/78, PDF
TGC-VI-8/17/79, PDF
TGC-VII-10/17/80, PDF
TGC-VIII-9/4/81, PDF
TGC-IX-9/3/82, PDF

see Link for more

Southwest Courier, 1977

Southwest Courier

Houston publication that extended to at least three issues. These copies are not dated but from contents they are Jan & Feb 1977. Edited by Jerry Bird. Content striving for broad appeal, Per Mr Bird, it ran for 11-12 issues.
It was 5 1/2 x 8 1/2"

Volume 1-1, 1/77, PDF
Volume 1-2, 2/77, PDF
Volume 1-3, 2/77, PDF



LXIX, 1978


A true pocket-sized publication (4"x7", printed on slick paper). It apparently did not
survive the year. The editor's name was given as Jeff Wesley, then Michael Kenna, later as Sheri Cohen, and coverage was of the more serious news nature.

for issues with an *
after the volume #,
scans are courtesy
of the
ONE Archives,
USC Libraries

Volume 1-1

Volume 1-2

Volume 1-3

Volume 1-4*

Volume 1-5*

Volume 1-6*

Volume 1-7
3/18/78, PDF

Volume 1-8

Volume 1-9*

Volume 1-10*
4/8/78, PDF

Volume 1-11*
4/15/78, PDF




not known if
any issues
existed after #23,
and I am missing
a scan of #12

Volume 1-13

Volume 1-14*

Volume 1-15*

Volume 1-16*

Volume 1-17*

Volume 1-18

Volume 1-19

Volume 1-20

Volume 1-21*

Volume 1-22*

Volume 1-23*

Midnight Rider, 1980

Midnight Rider

Another short-run magazine, published by Ron Martin, lasting
a few months, 18 issues.
Size was 5 1/2" x 8 1/2".

yes, it was not a high quality publication

their "dating" was not precise for June, and the second 5/14 issue was probably for 5/30

Vol 1-1, 4/30/80, PDF

Vol 1-2*, 5/14/80, PDF

Vol 1-3*, 5/14/80, PDF

Vol 1-5*, ~6/13/80, PDF

Vol 1-10, 7/11/80, PDF

Vol 1-4, 5/30/80, PDF

Vol 1-6*, ~6/80, PDF

Vol 1-7*, ~6/80, PDF

Vol 1-8, ~6/80, PDF

Vol 1-9, 7/4/80, PDF

Vol 1-12*, 7/25/80, PDF

Vol 1-14,  8/8/80, PDF

Vol 1-16, 8/22/80, PDF

Vol 1-11, 7/18/80, PDF

Vol 1-13*, 8/1/80, PDF

Vol 1-15, 8/15/80, PDF

Volume 1-17, 8/29/80, PDF

Volume 1-18, 9/5/80, PDF

this layout is not in strict date order, for better graphic arrangement

Scans marked *
courtesy UH LGBT Special Collections

with issue 1-18,
Jim Flock was Editor,
and closed this one down and started Pegasus, which lasted about 2-3 months

Pegasus, 1980


Sequel to Midnight Rider, started in Sept 1980 by Jim Flock, former owner of the club Silver Bullet (destroyed by arson in 1978);
5 1/2" x 8 1/2"

6 issues known,
last was 10/31.

Scans for 3 to 6
courtesy UH LGBT Special Collections

Vol 1-1, 9/19/80, PDF

Vol 1-2, 9/26/80, PDF

Vol 1-3, 10/3/80, PDF
Vol 1-4, 10/14/80, PDF

Vol 1-5, 10/24/80, PDF

Vol 1-6, 10/31/80, PDF

Club Scene Magazine, 1981-1984

Club Scene Magazine

Slim publication (5 1/2 x 8 1/2") by Jerry Zagst, begun in October 1981 to "inform the clubs of the U.S. of what the Houston clubs were doing." Existed at least through March 1984. Editor was Paul Theall, and then Gerry Webster. Very leather oriented, and negligent in giving volume #s and release dates.
How long did it last?

Oct 1981, PDF

Dec 81/Jan 82, PDF

Feb/Mar 82, PDF

Vol 1-5, Jun 1982, PDF

Aug 1982, PDF

#7, Sep 1982, PDF

#8, Dec 1982, PDF
#8, Jan 1983, PDF
yes, two vol #8s

#10, Apr 1983, PDF

#11, Jun/Jul 1983, PDF


#12, Aug/Sep 1983, PDF

#13, Oct/Nov 1983, PDF

Insight, 1980-81


A small (4" x 7") quite amateur pub, Sheri Cohen Editor; fairly serious material, like Texas Gay Conference VIII

Vol 1, Issues 1-4,
1980-81, PDF
Vol 1, Issues 5-9,
1981, PDF
Vol 1, Issues 10-11,
1981, PDF
Vol 2, Issues 1-2,
1981, PDF

First issues listed as published by Lambda Press, and later ones by Insight Publishers. Some issues had up to 30 pages.

Unknown if any issues were published after Volume 2-2.

The Editor was likely the same Sheri Cohen Darbonne who edited LXIX and the Voice and was Pride Grand Marshal in 1992

Texas Silver Dollar Times, 1982
Texas Observer, 1993
Houston Pride 1985

Texas Silver Dollar Times

Published by RW Martin & Ron Mayhew, this was a very, Very slick magazine...slick paper, slick look, although other than the tux cover shot, the content was not all that different from its competitors. (8 1/2' x 11")

Volume 3-34

Texas Observer

Established in 1954, this straight newspaper devoted most of its issue for May 21, 1993 to objectively portraying gay issues in the state. It featured articles by Annise Parker, Connie More & Debra Hunt, Juan Palermo, Ralph Lasher and others
PDF, /+Article PDF

Houston Pride

A short-lived newspaper published by William Marberry, with the controversial Gregg Russell as Editor. I have only seen the two issues at right for May 10th and 17th, 1985. Size was 11x15, 8 pages. How long did it last? It was not affiliated with the Pride Organization.

Maleman, 1990+

Maleman Funzine

At first a rather crudely done publication calling itself an "All Fun Fag Rag," starting in 1990, and published by Blueboy Inc.
Size around 1993 was
5 1/2x8 1/2". The quality upped significantly around 1995 when James Robles took over, and it went weekly in mid-1995. Known to exist at least until July 1996.



Vol 4-6, 8/93, PDF
Vol 4-7, 9/93, PDF
Vol 4-8, 9/93, PDF

Vol 4-9, 10/93,
Vol 4-23, 06/08/94, PDF
Issue ?, 4/95, PDF

Issue 48, 6/2/95, PDF
Issue 52, 7/1/95, PDF
Issue 55, 8/10/95, PDF
Issue 79, 7/5/96, PDF

8"x9" issues
Vol 5-16, 02/24/95
Vol 5-17, 03/10/95



Houston Gay & Lesbian Yellow Pages (HGLYP) 1991+
Gay & Lesbian Rainbow Pages, 2004-2014

Founded by Laura Villegran, this directory served the community from 1991 to 2019, made obsolete by the internet. Selected sections scans fo these thick volumes.

1991-92 Edition, PDF
1992-1993 Edition, PDF
2013-2014 Edition, PDF

Last edition was in 2019.

Gay & Lesbian
Rainbow Pages

And, HGLYP had competition from 2004 to 2014, when publisher Christina Martinez brought out her version.
With 260 pages I've just scanned about 60 selected pages, for 2006.



Houston Press
Twelve Fighting Years - B. Remmington

Houston Press (since 1988) is an "alternative" newspaper, rather than a "gay" one, but often had excellent LGBT coverage, such as the extensive features in the issue shown. (Gay content only scanned)

Vol 5-25, 6/24/93, PDF

Below, critiques of local gay press



While working for his degree at the University of Houston, Bruce Remmington presented in 1983 an excellent college thesis covering Houston gay and lesbian political and social life.

Introduction PDF
Chapter 1 PDF
Chapter 2 PDF
Conclusion & Notes PDF

166 pages total

More College Thesis papers can be found
at the bottom of
This Page


A 1993 review of the gay press


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