In 1981 the Montrose Voice began running comics by "Max Angst," obviously an assumed name, and
I think they captured some of the spirit
of the culture of the 80s. By late 1985
the strip switched to the
Houston Forum, until that paper
ended in late 1987.

Max Angst
in the
Montrose Voice

and Houston Forum
and Out In Texas



This is pretty much a
complete collection of
what ran in the four

The artist was Bryan Busbice

written by Steve Hader, who reported that:
Bryan had a wicked sense of humor and on more than one occasion
I was with him when he would spout a snide remark only to have it
appear later in one of the cartoons.

And no, these are not of the calibre of Donelan, but
as they were local they found a home on this site.

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