For many of the photos I do not know who the folks are, so I need help. If you can ID any please let me know, Thanks.

Mary's Fairies
Late 80s/Early 90s Photos

Scott Swoveland donated this treasure stash of photos to my archives,
about 150, and I am glad to share them. Here's how I got them.

And I decided to call this section Mary's Fairies, in honor of those arrested
in the famous raid on Mary's in June 1980. Andy Mills, an early manager of
the bar, is shown wearing a "Mary's Fairy Out of Jail" shirt.

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It was difficult to decide how to arrange these photos....but as some had the same people in common, I at least started that way....
with Bruce Herling, aka Brucella DeVall, whose drag last name was spelled a variety of ways

Remember, these are VERY casual photos....
and, sadly, the ones with links to their names are for their obituaries


above, Brucella with Rita Charles (in back) at the Chutes DJ Booth
(Chutes was open from Jan 1986 until July 1990)

Below, The Cheerleaders at Follyball, perhaps 1991



above, Brucella with BJ Summors

Above, upper row, ?, BJ Summors, Brucella, ?
lower row, Tad Nelson, ?, Naomi Sims, Don Dowden

In above shot can be seen Rita Charles in Tracy Turnblad drag (blond on top of black hair)

Below right, Naomi Sims and Brucella


David Schuller


Above right, in Daddy of Montrose contest at Mary's Outback


Above left, with Walter Pollpeter; above left with Miss Ouisa
Below, good view of Mary's bar top with photo collage


Above left, with Devin Contrerras

Frank Riojas aka Rita Charles
...not often out of drag, at least in these photos

Below, with Tim (last name unknown)


Above, both with Chuck Miller


Above left, with Buzz Mills & Chuck Miller: above right with Buzz, as Baby Jane
Below left, Rita as Tracy Turnblad in Hairspray and unknown, at right with Santa Buzz



Above left with Devin Contrerras, above right with Chuck Miller
Below with BJ Summors as TGRA contestants

Below, in Chutes DJ booth


Above, tending bar with Devin Contrerras; Above right with Larry Hillman
Below, Mary's rooftop show, with Lee Chardonne

Below, double images


Below right, in Daddy of Montrose contest


Scott Swoveland

 Pickles, Susan Masar, David Schuller, Scott Swoveland


Above left, Scott and friend; Above right, Ted, David Schuller, Scott
Below left, Scott, Ed Moniger of EJs, friend; Below right, Al Montavo, Willie


Below left, Scott, Rita Charles (Frank Riojas), Wilma (Will Johnson);
Below right, Doug Scott (Lips, Mother of Montrose), Billy, Brucella DeVall


David Williamson


Below left with David Schuller


Ruby Barbeaux


Above, with Jimmy Arispi aka Big Cherry
Below, towel dancing, and on Mary's Rooftop



Above right with Brucella DeVall
Below with Bruce Herling, Rita Charles, 1992

Above and below left, with Rita Charles in Mother of Montrose
contest, 1992; and below right on stage for the contest


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