Some Mary's Naturally History
lus, See
Mary's Naturally: the Murals & the Story

above is the earliest mention I have found of the club, and as I have earlier issues of The Nuntius
this makes me think the it was opened around this time, as opposed to later "history" articles
sighting, for example a "30th anniversary" in May 2000...would love to verify this either way

Marys 1980 Pride Week Ad & Photo

Above, from a 1974 issue of Gaytimes

Well, if the second anniversary was in 1975, then it opened in 1973,
though a Nuntius ad for March 1971 dates it to that month and year.
Is there revisionist history going on? I also have a May 1995 ad
later tooting its 25th anniversary, May 1970. I tend to think March 1971 is correct.

sometime between 1975 and 1979, Mary's lost its exterior sign

above, 1979 Mary's Parade float
also see this page of the 1979 parade photos
for some interesting shots of Mary's in the background,
including the next two

Mary's Bar Raid, June 20, 1980
61 Arrested

Mary's during 1981 Pride Parade

above, 1982

Marys, from Out in Texas, March 31, 1983

( see full photo )


Thanks to Gary Jackson for donationg to my Archives the "Janis Joplin Poster"

Below, Easter at Mary's, 1994, 6 photos by Frank Parsley

one of the best Pride floats...ever.....
The Mary's entry honoring Stonewall '69....the police car really rocked back and forth

1994 Pride Float, honoring Stonewall

Scott Swoveland's first mural

below, year unknown

Mary's 30th Anniversary Story
Houston Voice, May 19, 2000

above, year unknown

Hurricane Rita, 2005