AIDS News Clippings

From "This Week in Texas" and other publications

7/24/81, first article in TWT
and below right, 7/3/81, first NYT mention


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Early Texas Deaths

Clint Moncrief, Houston, died on 3/9/82
Roy Wimbrow, Houston, died on 4/28/82
Murray Gilbertson, Houston, on 6/27/82
Michael Nolan, San Antonio, died on 11/25/82
Jim Jones, Houston, died on 12/4/82
Donald Smith, Houston, died on 12/17/82
Joe Philpot, Dallas, died on 12/25/82
Stephen McCool, Houston, on 1/22/83
Eduardo Gonzales, Houston, on 1/28/83
Dexter Burnett, Houston, on 3/8/83
Geoffrey Thurman , Houston, on 4/17/83

After about this time, TWT stopped reporting on individual deaths
as "news" stories, it wasn't news any longer.
On June 17, 1983, TWT began its now famous Obits section,
in the back of the publication, and it became a "go to first"
whenever we picked it up for many years

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first reported Texas death


both would die in 1984

Gary Spino Obituary
Michael McAdory Obituary


sloppy research in the above article....with name misspellings,
and Moncrief died 3/9/82, not in 1981







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The Playsafe Calendars, for 1985 and 1986

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Above, 1985 Pride Entry
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The Impact of AIDS on American Theatre
Billie Duncan


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