AIDS News Clippings

From "This Week in Texas" and other publications

7/24/81, first article in TWT
and below right, 7/3/81, first NYT mention


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Early Texas Deaths

Clint Moncrief, Houston, died on 3/9/82
Roy Wimbrow, Houston, died on 4/28/82
Murray Gilbertson, Houston, on 6/27/82
Michael Nolan, San Antonio, died on 11/25/82
Jim Jones, Houston, died on 12/4/82
Donald Smith, Houston, died on 12/17/82
Joe Philpot, Dallas, died on 12/25/82
Stephen McCool, Houston, on 1/22/83
Eduardo Gonzales, Houston, on 1/28/83
Dexter Burnett, Houston, on 3/8/83
Geoffrey Thurman , Houston, on 4/17/83

After about this time, TWT stopped reporting on individual deaths
as "news" stories, it wasn't news any longer.
On June 17, 1983, TWT began its now famous Obits section,
in the back of the publication, and it became a "go to first"
whenever we picked it up for many years


AIDS Clippings, Continued
also see Page 1, 1981-1985


Name Changed from KS/AIDS to AIDS Foundation

date of flyer below unknown, but likely 1986


Don't Take the Test

It's Okay...
An affirming slice of time from the AIDS years, in this case 1986.
Mike Miesch, a co-host of KPFT's Wilde N Stein is shown. Ray Hill
allowed Mike to remain on the air doing his shows as long as he
was able, and sharing with the audience his life with AIDS.


Above, flyer insert in TWT 5/1/87
below, Gary Varnell project

The poignant article below mentions the above victims...




Wil Garcia Obituary


1988 AIDS Organizations


Below, Marion Coleman and Gary Van Ooteghem at the conference





Also see
Milam House, Residential Facility for Men with AIDS

Thesis Papers

Lesbians & HIV
An overview of clinical research and policy issues
by Patricia Stevens

Lesbians Living with HIV
Offering Group Support Services
by Patricia Stevens, Susan Foster, Joanne Hall

both University of California, SF



Founded in 1994 as a residence for people with HIV/AIDS, it lasted until around 2004,
when the Board decided to give the house to another AIDS agency.

The newsletter I have is
Vol 5-1, Spring 1999, PDF










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AIDS: Houston's Response

Misc, from 2014....Drag Queen fundraising
from Dallas Voice, but relevant to state effort

Misc, from 2020

'Not Again' For Gay Men in Houston, COVID Brings Up
Familiar Feelings of AIDS Crisis