Sara Fernandez visited New York museums last year, and was inspired by exhibits about the history of that city's social activists. She brought the idea back home, and determined that it was time for Houston to have an exhibit.

When the 2014 Creating Change Conference, held in Houston January 29 - February 2, 2014, was announced, it was clear that it was the perfect opportunity for developing the exhibit.

Several others in the community agreed and the perfect mix of individuals and talents came together. The team put together an incredible display that gave conference goers
a quick look at pivotal points in Houston's LGBT history.

Each of the panels is 30 x 65 inches, printed on vinyl banners, so the impact is very visual and dramatic. The original exhibit included 27 banners and more have been added each year, with an October 2022 total of 50, not counting the "Who We Are" and "Acknowledgment" banners.

The banners canl be made available to organizations that wish to have a pop-up museum during their events, thus "bringing a museum to the community." And The Montrose Center was so impressed with the banners that they ordered a smaller version of the set, which are now on permanent display.

Also see this Outsmart article on the project, by Brandon Wolf in December 2015, and another feature article from June 2021.

On 2/24/21 Sara Fernandez and JD Doyle gave a talk
to the Intro to LGBTQ Studies class at U of H led by
Jamie Gonzales. We discussed a number of the panels
(13 of 48) from The Banner Project. 50 minutes, LINK



Who We Are
Donations & Underwriters
1930's: Art Scene, Left Bank on the Bayou
1934: Royal Dixon & Chester Snowden  
1954: The Diana Foundation
1967: The Tumblebugs Form to Fight Cross-Dressing Ordinance
1970: Mary's Naturally Opens
1972: Final Defeat of the Cross-Dressing Ordinance
1973: Pokey Anderson  
1974: Henry McClurg, Publisher  
1975: Gay & Lesbian Radio  
1975: TWIT, This Week in Texas
1975: Gary Van Ooteghem
1975: Houston Gay Political Caucus
1977: Anita Bryant Protest
1977: National Women's Conference, November 18-21, 1977
1978: Lambda Center  
1978: Town Meeting I, June 25, 1978
1979: Bill Scott   
1979: Larry Bagneris  

1979: Charles Law
1979: Montrose Marching Band
1979: Parents Groups Unite, The Birth of a United PFLAG Group
1979: National March on Washington for Lesbian & Gay Rights
1980: Fred Páez, Activist   
1981: Josephine Tittsworth
1982: AIDS Arrives   

1982: Jack Valinski 
1984: Fantastic Five: Drag Legends - AIDS Fundraisers   
1985: Louie Welch Would "Shoot the Queers," October 24, 1985
1985: Voters Overturn Gay Rights Ordinance, The Straight Slate
1986: Marion Pantzer Murder
1986: Omega House  
1987: Lesbians Over Age Fifty (L.O.A.F.) 
1987: Marvin Davis & Don Gill: Fundraising for the AIDS Community 

1988: Houston Splash Galveston

1989: Kindred Spirits
1989: Dalton DeHart  

1990: Linda Morales - Activist Spirit  
1990: Juan Palomo: Bridging Communities   

1991: Paul Broussard Murder
1991: Brian Bradley  

1991: Queer Nation - Houston  
1991: Maria Gonzalez: Scholar Activist  
1993: Fab Five / Take Five
1994: OutSmart Magazine
1996: Barbara Jordan, 1936 - 1996
2003: Lawrence v. Texas Overturns Sodomy Laws
2006: Monica Roberts

2009: Annise Parker Elected Mayor
2010: Phyllis Frye, First Out Transgender Judge in Nation


Media Coverage
Photos from Events at Various Venues:

From 2014 -2015

From 2016 to 2020

2021, including Photos-Rockets Pride Night Event
2022, including Rockets Pride NIght
2023, starting with Rockets Pride Night


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