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This Houston LGBT History Banner Project was made possible by the generous
support of the following community members and organizations:

Bruce Smith and Tony Carroll
John Steven Kellett Foundation
OutSmart Magazine
Eagle Houston
JD Doyle Archives

Association for Family and Community Integrity Inc
Botts Collection of LGBT History, Inc.
Gulf Coast Archive and Museum of GLBT History, Inc.
Houston Area Rainbow Collective History (Houston ARCH)
Houston Metropolitan Research Center, Houston Public Library
Montrose Center
OutSmart Magazine
Texas Obituary Project and
Transgender Foundation of America
Universities: Rice University, Texas Southern University, University of Houston

Banners added since 2018 have been funded by the John Steven Kellett Foundation.

Project Director
Sara Fernandez

Graphic Design
Kirk Baxter, dsignage

A&E Graphics

Main Project Team
Sara Fernandez
Kirk Baxter
JD Doyle

Website by JD Doyle
Initial Contributing Editors/Consultants
Pokey Anderson
Dacia Clay
Jo Collier
Larry Criscione
Dalton DeHart
Blase DiStefano
Nancy Ford
Phyllis Frye
John Goins
Christopher Haight
Charlene Hall
Ray Hill
Janis Hutchinson

Greg Jeu
Mitchell Katine
Kelly McCann
Paul Mullan
Judy Reeves
Brian Riedel
Victor Rivero
Timothy Ronk
Becky Smith
Hellena Stokes
Randy Tibbits
Sarah Trotty

Brandon Wolf
Thanks to Pictures Plus for loaning us early meeting and production space