Assorted Early Publications
from Outside of Texas

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The year 1964 saw four coloring or illustrated "books" seek out the new gay market, and three of them were published by Guild Press. Though real credits were not given, they were written by George Haimsohn (playwright for Dames at Sea). Haimsohn wrote multiple books under a number of names, including Alexander Goodman. He both wrote and illustrated "Modern Fairy Tales," and he wrote the other two, with illustrations by prolific artist Etienne (Dom Orejudos). Besides Guild Press, the other publishing powerhouse on the scene was DSI Publishing, and my thinking is they saw The Gay Coloring Book and then spent a half hour putting together the very poorly done Vagabond Coloring Book.

Gay Coloring Book -- My Trip Around the World -- Modern Fairy Tales
Vagabond Coloring Book

(courtesy Philip Clark)

Gay Coloring Book, 1964, Guild Press, no credits given, PDF

My Trip Around the World, 1964, Guild Press, no credits given, PDF

"Modern Fairy Tales: Autobiography of a Camp" by Peter B Luvvly, Guild Book Service, 1964

Vagabond Coloring Book,
Vagabond Sales, DSI, no author/artist credits
were given, 1964, PDF

Directory 43
Beginner's Guide to Cruising (1964)
Advanced Guide to Cruising (1965)


As Directory 43 is a very rare early gay bar guide, here is the entire 1964 volume. Published by DSI (Directory Services Inc)



"Beginner's Guide to Cruising," by George Marshall, 1964,
53 pages; Guild Book Service


"Advanced Guide to Cruising," by George Marshall, 1965,
80 pages, Guild Book Service

Guild Book Service Catalog (1965-66)
Guild Guides (1964-1978)
Vagabond Catalogs

Guild Books was one of the leading distributors of gay publications during the 1950s and 1960s. And this guide give an excellent look of what was available in 1965 in the gay marketplace.


Incidentally, this catalog was identical to the 1964-1965 edition, page for page

Guild travel guides were published for selected years through 1978, adding "International" to its title in 1965. It was pocket size, 4 1/4"x7"
See the entire 1964
93-page booklet

See this page for
other years
Published from 1963-66, this catalog enabled the ordering of a wide variety of gay products from DSI (Directory Services Inc, Minneapolis)

Volume 7, 1965, Link
Gift Catalog 1964/Portfolio, PDF

Vol 1-2-3, 1963-64, PDF
Vol 4-5, 1964, PDF
Vol 8-9-10, 1966, PDF
Catalog, Nov 65, PDF
Gay BC Book
Go Guys
Classics of the Homosexual Underground (1969)


Another Camp book, from 1966 and by Allen Dennis, illustrations about the camp vernacular, printed in large format, 8 1/2x11"

Winter 1964, PDF
ahead of its time as far
as "gay appeal"


Two Guild Press publications from 1969, very short novels of 60-75 pages each (authors not given) and each with the same introduction editorial essay on "The Meaning and Value of Homosexual Underground Literature"

On the Farm... PDF
A Night in the... PDF

Female Impersonation (1971)
Southeastern Conference LGM 1981
TWO - Homosexual Viewpoint in Canada

Female Impersonation,
Avery Willard, 1971

See Link

One of the first books documenting the history and performers


Southeastern Conference of Lesbians & Gay Men,
April 1981

This was the 6th conference, under the auspices of the Caroline Gay Association


Bonus, just for fun,
from Canada.
Two - The Homosexual Viewpoint in Canada
1964 - 1966

TWO: Homosexual Viewpoint

Physique Pioneers
Pink Trash (1977)
GPU News, Milwaukee (1971-1981)

"Physique Pioneers: The Politics of 1960s Gay Consumer Culture," an excellent 2010 college thesis by David K Johnson, U of S Florida. digs into DSI, Guild and the censorship, 26 pages. I mocked up a cover for it.



Pink Trash

Excellent Charlotte NC magazine. At right is Sept 1977 (Vol 3 #10)

Milwaukee's GPU News was an excellent publication, covering news and culture, from 1971 to 1981. The complete run is online at this site.

Early Louisiana Publications, 1981
Jay Little Essay
Pat Rocco's Spree, ~1969-81


I acquired these two and they are too good not to make available, both from July 1981. They are The Alternative, Vol 1 #3, from Baton Rouge, PDF; and the Times of Louisiana, Vol 1, #5, from Lafayette, PDF.

Jay Little's 1950s underground gay novels were surprise best sellers, but I want to link you to a Superb essay on the author by Brooks Peters, PDF


Pat Rocco was an early filmmaker, photographer, entertainer and activist. His SPREE News got attention for his films and other work, published for about 12 years. A few samples can be found at This Link

Kenneth Marlowe Cartoon Books
Drum Magazine 1964-1969

Kenneth Marlowe
(see bio page) is mostly known for his "Mr Madame" and related books, but he also released two cartoon books, both in 1966....about his Gay and Delicate Worlds. Link

Ground breaking in that it was the first publication to try to blend physique features with hard news and articles, sort of a more interesting Mattachine Review, and it became very popular. Put out by the Janus Society starting October 1964 by Clark Polak in Philadelphia.
May 1965       Aug 1965
 Jan-Feb 1967  Jan 1968  
More on Polak

NY Mattachine Newsletter-Aug 1969
Whisper Magazine (1960s)
The Gay Cookbook (1965)

NY Mattachine Newsletter for August 1969.

It gives the early contemporary gay coverage of the
Stonewall Riots

Whisper Magazine

Tabloid coverage of Homosexuality in the 1960s
At This Link

The Gay Cookbook
By Chef Lou Rand Hogan 1965

a serious 280-page cookbook with campy flourishes


History article

March on Washington Programs


March on Washington

October 14, 1979, PDF
5 1/2" x 8 1/2"

October 11, 1987, PDF
8 1/2" x 11"

April 25, 1993, PDF
8 1/2" x 11"

This copy courtesy Deborah Bell

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