The Wolfpack

~1989 - 2004+

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About the Wolfpack...

by Bruce Chambers, one of the founding members

The Wolfpack just kinda happened. It wasn't really planned....(around 1989).

The doorman at the Venture inn actually gave it a start. Bob McWilliams and I often went there together and he started calling me Wolfdaddy and Bob he called Wolfboy. On a lot of Sunday afternoons a group of friends would gather at my pool which we called the wolf den or Marys and we started giving everyone wolf names.

We were never an official group or club. Just a group of friends who got together and had a good time. Several people asked how to join but it didn't work that way, it was more of an assimilation process, if they clicked with the group, started hanging out with us, they were assimilated into the group. The boyfriend of one of my tenants was an excellent artist and he surprised us with the wolfpack logo. We had t-shirts made with the logo on the front and that members wolfname on the back. Over the years, we had different t-shirts made; some were gray, some black. We were doing an event at Mary's one year and a group of Drag queens got together and had t-shirts made for themselves that had their own logo called the Shewolves.

There was not an official connection to the Grey Party, I was a founding host of Grey Party several years before the Wolfpack came into existence and several of the Wolfpack decided to become hosts as well. We used to go on an annual camping trip to the Guadalupe River in May and were joined by friends from Austin, Dallas and a few other places. We also did several other camping trips organized by other clubs. We made several appearances in New Orleans for Southern Decadence and Mardi Gras. Another trip was to the LGBT March on Washington (1993). We had flags with the Wolfpack logo made for that trip which we carried in the March.

For LUEY weekend, we hosted several cocktail parties at Mary's, which I guess you could call our home bar. Sometimes we would bartend there and even served breakfast there on Sunday mornings for awhile.

The wolfpack has never officially ended. As happens, some members moved away, some are no longer with us and the rest of us just got older and stopped spending as much time in the bars. As with getting older, Interest and priorities change. I guess you could say we retired.



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The above were just a few of those selected from the Albums,
and, yes the albums have been edited, taking out the nudity
that group members were Not shy 40+ photos...
after all, while they may not have minded photos taken with
their dicks hanging out, they did Not sign up for a website 20-30 years later.

Above, found this for sale, for $100, no, thanks....

David Williamson Obituary
Others....associated with Wolfpack or Grey Party:
Ray Kingston
Abel Suaste
Rick Galenec
and a number of others