535 Westheimer @ Mason

1981 to 1985
at two locations


535 Westheimer @ Stanford

I do not understand their address designations in their ads & listings...
they started at "535 Westheimer @ Mason" which doesn't make sense,
as 535 puts it on top of the Chicken Coop and Mason is about three blocks east.
"535 Westheimer @ Stanford" is pretty close to the Chicken Coop, but that
club was in business before during and after Twins....

A friend on Facebook said Twins was in the connected building behind
Chicken Coop, which had a side entrance and it had a second floor.
The 2nd floor was a loft over the dance area with sofas and like a quiet area.



ah, the ad below says 525 Westheimer,
there's nothing there now, hard to tell
and for the next two years the ads waiver between 525 and 535;
didn't anyone question this?




Below, of the Chicken Coop, taken during Westheimer Arts Festival, 1984, by James Koehn
the balcony is actually part of the bar Twins, behind it

out of business until mid 1985


new location

though it was odd, despite running an add,
that they were not listed in the TWT guide,
that week or thereafter

Not listed in TWT Guide