"TV Montrose"
A Steve Baker Production

In early 1998 Steve Baker announced his intention of launching TV Montrose.
However, the real world of needing supportive advertizers limited the
show to just one year.


New, April 2023: From the U of H, under direction of Emily Vinson and Bethany Scott,
they are announcing the Gulf Coast LGBT Radio and Television Digitization Project.
As just part of the project all 51 episodes of TV Montrose are available for viewing.
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Despite how hopeful the article below was, the show was indeed over

Below, I only found one episode of TV Montrose online, from November 1998, on the Houston Vigil for Matthew Shepard

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Below, Steve's partner Russ Byrd

In November 2018 Russ Byrd donated the TV Montrose tapes to the U of H LGBT Resource Center
Shown at that meeting are Brandon Wolf, Russ Byrd, Vince Lee and JD Doyle.
Sara Fernandez was also there and took the photos.

below, an early pre-curusor of Steve's story, from 1994

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