The Steve Brown
Address Books
Houston & Dallas

From a gay man's collection, circa 1974

When Steve Brown died in 2016 he left behind his partner of 43 years Greg Shelton.
As a couple they were very active in the community from its early days, and Greg
has been going through Steve's collection and donating it to the Botts Collection.
At Botts they were gracious enough to allow me to scan many items, such as organization
programs, newsletters, and of curious interest, two address books Steve kept, listing
gay bars and businesses in both Houston and Dallas. I "date" the entries from around
1974, and they give a unique look at the gay world then.


Many entries in the Houston book have "codes" after them, and I think I know
what those meant. For example, on the second B page is the street address
"1011 Bell = E3" and if you go to the E page, the red number 3 matches it, for
the Exile. So the codes cross reference the addresses that are listed separately
to the names listing.


Similarly, on the E page is "706 Elgin = T2" and on the T page that corresponds to the red #2, Tommy's Lounge