The Old Plantation, or the "OP"
2020 Kipling, at Huldy
1975 - 1981

But before it was the OP, from 1973 to 1975 it was the Bayou Landing

The Old Plantation began in Dallas and then eventually
had locations in Houston, El Paso and Amarillo in the late 1970s,
opening in Houston in December 1975. It was a popular
disco and the scene of many shows by the city's
most prominent drag performers, including
Tiffany Jones, Hot Chocolate and Donna Day.

After the Pride Parade in 1979 it "went straight" for
a while and also in mid-1980 had problems with
neighborhood residents trying to shut it down,
due to noise. The issues had gotten worse than
when the club was gay. The bar was able to delay
being closed, keeping its liquor license, and
re-opened as gay in October 1980,
but the final curtain was in March 1981.

below, how it looks now...


Opening, December 4, 1975



But it did not take long for controversy to surround the bar...from the women's community.
Here is a special page of their grievances


ETC Boutique had shops in several of the gay bars, including the OP




Below, two photos from the 1979 Gay Pride Parade;
the first is the band gathering before parade start

in this one Ray Hill's March on Washington 1979
bus blocks view of the building,
but you can still see the sign

Above, last listing in the TWT Guide, July 1979....
as it "went straight"...for a while


Re-opening as a gay club, on October 21, 1980,
and back on the TWT Guide listing




and, final closing....around March 15, 1981
with Hot Chocolate as possibly the last head-lining performer


and today the building is part of the Admiral Linen & Uniform Service