No on 6
Campaign in Houston
October 1978

The defeat of the Proposition 6 initiative (also called the Briggs Initiative) was an important
gay victory, and the effort got national attention, with fundraising efforts including in Houston.
The failed initiative would have banned gays and lesbians, and possibly anyone who
supported gay rights, from working in California's public schools


Photos Courtesy of the Botts Collection

Photographer: Brandon Wolf

above, Del Martin
below, Del Martin, with Dave Kopay in background

above, Dave Kopay

below, celebrity panel

above & below, Del Martin mingles at the picnic
below, with Nick Escabado

Leonard Matlovich


above, Steve Shiflett and Leonard Matlovich
below, Rick Walton and Brandon Wolf

Gary Van Ooteghem and Dave Kopay
and below with group

Above, Van Ooteghem, Dave Kopay, unknown, Allen Snyder, unknown

Contact Prints, too good not to share
below, airport greeting for the guests: Leonard Matlovich, Del Martin, Rev Troy Perry and Dave Kopay


upper right, at left Rev Troy Perry, Matlovich in the middle

below, Larry Bagneris at the podium

Leonard Matlovich
While I do not have information on the photographer, I believe
this was taken during Leonard's Prop 6 visit to Houston