Ms Take II
Oct 1977 to Feb 1979
2047 Marshall (a block east of Shepherd)

I probably would not have set up this page, had not I been
given the above rare matchbook (Thank you, Nikki Thomsen!)
So that got me inspired to find what little there is about the club.

Apparently it was owned by Velvet & Linda...
Velvet is likely Velvet Sommers, from the first ad
And despite their advertising as "Houston's Only Quiet Woman's Bar,"
I have to wonder how quiet all those female wrestling matches were.



Velvet Sommers as Queen Kong



There was competition for Women's Bars at that time, with
Our Place, Just Marion & Lynn's, Marion's Too, and the Lampost



Of the women's bars, only the Lampost and Just Marion & Lynn's were in business a year later