Mr Gay Texas Pageant, 1983

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1983 Winner - Colt Thomas (Houston)

Video of the Event, 1 hour 51 minutes


The Mr Gay Texas pageants were held from about 1974 until at least 1990, bringing together
the best-looking guys from around the state. Candidates were sponsored by home-bars, and
competed in casual wear, fantasy and a more bare round, and the judges were Texas state
celebrities in their own way, including past winners.

In the 1983 competition, sponsored by TWT magazine, a who's who also helped out, with an
introduction by Chuck Patrick (publisher of TWT), emcees were Tiffany Jones and
CJ Harrington, performers were Hot Chocolate, Tasha Kohl and Lady Shawn. It was a long show ,
almost two hours, as there were 32 contestants. It was held at The Landing, in Dallas, on its
last night in business. The event was a fundraiser for THRF (Texas Human Rights Foundation),
for its mission to reverse the State 21.06 sodomy laws. Dallas mega-bar owner Frank Caven
donated $5000.




Judges Included:
Pattie Smith, Jay Gondek (Mr TX 81), Scott Taylor, Allen Gellman, Ron East (Mr Gay America, runner-up), Richard Rogers,
Robert Jones (Mr TX 77), Jerry Cassidy, Rick Price Mr TX 79) ,David Prejean (Mr TX 82), Steve Dugas (Mr TX 76)

numbers are the order of appearance
and finishing runner-up placement,
with links to obituaries when known

1--Greg Lawrence, Dallas
2--Charles Jackson, Austin--16
3--Randy Cunniff, Austin--10
4--Robert Talbott, Dallas--20
5--Carl Scott, Houston
6--David McJunkins, Fort Worth--15
7--Gary Stovall, San Antonio--11
8--Warren Spikes, Houston
9--Martin Trego, Dallas--12
10--(requested name removed), Austin
11--Larry Aguilar, Amarillo--19
12--Winston Von McAfee, Houston--2
13--Joe Boefenkamp, Houston--6
14--Sammy Montero, Houston--14
15--Kenneth Warren, Dallas--4
16--Tim Earl, Dallas--3

17--Phillip Goudeau, Dallas--5

18--Wade Stevens, San Antonio
19--Andy Bauer, Houston--8
20--Scott Thomas, Austin
21--Craig Hall, Austin
22--Jimmy Lisenbee, Dallas--13
23--Scott Reynolds, Houston--17
24--Keith Hawk, Dallas
25--Mike Walden, Abilene
26--Jack Frickfrack, Houston
27--Raymond Sauceda, Corpus Christi
28--Bill Reiber, Fort Worth--18
29--Dale Robinson, San Antonio
30--Dan Miller, Houston--9
31--Colt Thomas, Houston--WINNER
32--Michael Koth, Houston--1
33--George Boyes, Dallas--7