The Meat Rack
2915 San Jacinto

The Meat Rack was a short-lived private sex club
active from June 2001 to roughly 2005

I say "roughly" as there were a lot of community efforts to shut it down,
by those who do not like SOB (Sexually Oriented Businesses), and
this one certainly qualified. But the Midtowne Spa lasted almost 40 years,
closing in 2015. And the Club Houston has been open since 1973.

Some of the images I could find were via the Wayback Machine,
but these few print ads survived.



from the archived website:

In late 2004 there was an active discussion, and news coverage on the issue
at the site

The most thorough writing was this one, at least on the plus site
most of the rest were from the NIMB (not in my backyard) folks

Their website was maintain, in bare bones fashion for several years perhaps hoping for a reprieve