Mardi Gras Madness
Fire and Ice


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invitation design by Dennis Dunwoody, one of the hosts

Invitation was 8 1/2" x 8 1/2" and opened from three directions

Hosts: Dennis Bergen, Bill Bridges, Dennis Dunwoody, Bob Fishburn, Bob Hall,
Fred Hollstein, Don Jamison, Mark Lowe, Karl Nowlin, Mark Reed, Ross Reisinger,
John Shaft, Geoff Thurman, Donn Todd and Wayne Wes
links are to obituaries, where known


While listed as their "seventh year in a row," I could not
find other mentions of this party, at least under that name...
but then, it WAS a private party

and, per the article below, the parties were fundraisers

Two locals clubs plugged the event, and wanted some of those customers that weekend


I attended this party, and, yes, it was 40 years ago, but all I remember was
how much of mess it was....meaning, the ice melted, water everywhere.


the death of one of its founders, Geoffrey Thurman, in 1983


Earlier Years

My friend Steve Sobota attended a number of
the MGM parties and tells me they were often
held the same weekend as the LUEY ones.
He remembers one had a circus theme and a
real elephant, and the invitation said "Life is not
a cabaret, it's a Fucking circus."
Another invitation came as a jigsaw puzzle that
you had to assemble to get your ticket number.

Other memories? Please write me...