The Loading Dock
1735 Westheimer
June 1981 to Feb 1983
Feb 1984 to Dec 1984

Photos with gay pride decor, probably June 1984
and one taken after the closing, 1984, both by Brandon Wolf

And below is a 1979 photo, when it was a flea market

T-Shirt, courtesy David Kokenes

Owners Tony Castagna and Dan McPartland


Kudos to whoever chose the ad graphics, they never used the same one twice






And, barely open...and there was a large controversy...





[ John Chiasson is correct spelling above. Steven Meert won many contests. Show emceed by Michael McAdory and Danny Villa.]














Above, 1982 Pride entry, which won the Grand Marshal's prize
Below, Loading Dock can be seen in background of this Parade photo (by Donn M)


New Owners, July 1982



below, they are mentioned in a Ripcord ad, November 1982


They did not advertize after October 1982

And, under the new ownership it apparently did not do well,
as this was the last listing of the club in the TWT Guide, for now....

Closed for a year

February 17, 1984

new owners: James Shamess and Cole Shelton







1984 Pride Photos




and, the closing....


above right, last TWT Guide listing

I asked a friend familiar with the leather bar scene then to comment....

Apparently in tribute to the Loading Dock, or maybe just trying to get some mileage using the name,
Pacific Street had "Loading Dock parties" for at least four years, 1992-1995



Below, recent photo 1735 Westheimer