Jim's Gym

1980 to 1986

Parkway Athletic Club

1987 to 1989


Jim Densmore, 1980s

Two more very gay gyms in Montrose. Jim Densmore
opened Jim's Gym in February 1980, at a prime location,
at 607 Westheimer, and the building doesn't look much
different now (below).

Below, cover of (the short-lived) Mr Rider, June 1980

Jim Densmore is second from right
Also, community leader Michael Wilson is far left
Below, the gym got some great coverage in the October 1980 Blueboy







above, membership could include use of a pool at
2114 Peckham (off Indiana near Shepherd)






near the end

The article above explains that the club had been bought by Mark Schmidt,
who planned on changing locations and renaming it Parkway Athletic Club.
Note the window sign, "we are moving soon." And it did not move to
2918 W Dallas, but to 800 Rosine, nearby...but not until October 1986.

below, last listing in TWT

above, Mark Schmidt, wearing a Jim's Gym t-shirt
from an early Westheimer Arts Festival , Spring 1981


above right, Mark Schmidt, owner, with Michael Wilson, Manager



Sadly, Mark Schmidt died in February 1988,
and the club was able to remain open only another year, until March 1989.





   Parkway had additional space which was often used by community
groups for meetings, as can be seen in some of these clippings



the club had to be right on the verge of closing when the above ad ran

No sooner did the GLPC announce moving their meetings to the building
housing the Parkway Athletic Club, than it closed. Below is the last listing
in TWT, and below that, an article on the Caucus moving again

My friend, the late Jim Densmore told me this story of "The Gym"...that never was


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