Dalton DeHart
Community Photographer

See Dalton's Banner Project entry

It's a bit difficult to research for information on Dalton, for a couple of reasons.
One, he is very modest and does not seek out publicity and recognition. And two,
his photography work is so omnipresent (along with his photo credits) that doing
a search will find thousands of "hits" on photo credits to wade through, rather
than bio info. It seems he knows everyone and everyone knows him...he's
probably the most popular LGBT person in Houston (Annise Parker would be in
contention for that) and it seems he's at Every event, often several in the same day.
There are rumors that he's been cloned.

See Dalton's Banner Project entry




going back to 2000, for a moment...

And, see the rest of Dalton's Year 2000 in photos


Pride Male Grand Marshal

Many early photos can be found at This Link to the Rice University digital exhibit




The Dalton DeHart Photographic Foundation
( website at the above link )

Below, at the event




OutSmart Awards


On June 22, 2022 Dalton received the Legacy Award
from the Greater Houston LGBT Chamber of Commerce

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Candid Photos
Just a Few...

Above, Dalton at a 1992 Miss Camp America event
Below, Dalton & JD at (I think) an early Bunnies on the Bayou party, 1994
(our earliest photo together)

Above, at a 5/10/14 birthday party, with JD, John Nechman, Dalton, Mitchell Katine
Below, 10/19/16, Dalton & JD entering an OutSmart "Gayest & Greatest" event at Rich's

Below, 2008 Pride Male Grand Marshal