The Cove Disco
1977 to 1982
2912 S Shepherd

The Cove Disco was a dance bar frequented
by Blacks (per Damron's Guide) located
about where the Petsmart is now. Also,
like many Black bars they did not advertize
much in the regular gay press. I found just 3 ads,
and a couple mentions.




in Texas Gay Conference VIII Program


last TWT Guide listing

And More History of the Clubs at that Address

Several years prior to the Cove (not sure what year)
was Dionysos, or Dionysus...not gay

And just prior to the Cove, and while it was gay, it didn't last long...
from Oct to Dec 1976 was Sparkle Plenty


Hulse may not have known the bar business, as I found an ad from
1975 in Contact for his Sparkle Plenty Janitorial Service