Chicken Coop

535 Westheimer

An often controversial Houston bar from 1981 to 1986,
catering sometimes to a hustler crowd.
Its chicken and dollar sign logo seemed to spell things out.

But, Wait....there were two clubs in that location prior to Chicken Coop
Cesar's Palace landed at the end of 1979...

below, Cesar's Palace as seen during the 1980 Pride Parade


and then in October 1980 morphed into Fame Disco


looks like it had a "back room"....not sure how that was defined


and gave up the ghost by the end of 1980...
but Chicken Coop was ready to go in January

Below, first listing in TWT, 1/30/81
opening was 1/14/81

below, joint ad with Dirty Sally's; do not know if there was any common ownership





Below, taken during Westheimer Arts Festival, 1984, by James Koehn
the balcony is actually part of the bar Twins, behind it

the club did little advertizing its last couple years


Chicken Coop Closing

it closed on its 5th anniversary



above & below probably during Pride Parade 1981 or 1982