Citizens for Human Equality
1981 - 1990

while the above does not say CHE was a political
organization, it often acted like one, and through
1987 was influential in Houston


CHE Flyer

Kaposi's Sarcoma Committee, 1982
[ before creation of AIDS Foundation Houston ]

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The document below is undated, and appears to be a draft
of questions to be directed to the policies of the police department


below, going-away benefit honoring Steve Shiflett, 12/4/83

Mayor Kathy Whitmire proclaimed Dec 4th 1983 Steve Shiflett Day
and he moved to San Francisco in December








some controversy, with Gregg Russell at the heart of it






above right, the publication Houston Pride was a separate newspaper,
not affiliated with the Pride organization. It ran for only two issues.


above has been truncated so as to not show addresses and phone numbers;
looks like, at least on this list, they had lost half their members

CHE Newsletter March 1986



I found no clippings on CHE after Feb 1988, and it was listed for
the last time in the TWT list of organizations on 1/12/90



I have been told by the former President, Jesus Aquayo, that the organization
had a small bank account open until January of 1990, so that would be the end
date. And that the activity just faded away, no other real reason. Below is
the TWT guide with its last appearance.

Below Steve Shiflett Obituary, and see LINK for much more on him