Miss Charlotte's Dance Hall & Saloon

Saddle Club

911 W Drew

The Saddle Club was first, in July 1980, owned by Bill Giecher and Charlotte Archer.
In July 1981 Charlotte took over and changed the name. It was a popular c&w dance bar,
competing the very popular BRB, but did fine for several years. Charlotte's had a plus
that it was walking distance from the most popular clubs (JRs, Mine, Ripcord, Barn).
where the BRB was a solo destination. The block of its location is now townhomes.
Saddle Club






Miss Charlotte's

The club very seldom ran the same ad design twice





Above left center, bartender Simon Bainbridge became famous for his show
"Simon's Best Little Whorehouse in Texas," a popular fundraising event,
which also toured in other cities through 1992, long after Charlotte's closed













above left, prominent in the nominations was Simon's Best Little Whorehouse
This was more than just some guys singing in drag, it was full production numbers
based on the movie of that year. The show was performed Many times as a
fundraiser for AIDS causes. I saw it at least three times, delightful.




(that's not Charlotte)










Above right, last Charlottes' ad in TWT, and below left, last TWT listing;
below right, unceremonious closing, September 1984


Later, it was the site of Crystals...but not for very long