Houston Voice

During 1994 the Houston Voice ran caricatures
of our prominent local personalities,
25 that I found...

Drawings by Greg Scott


in date order
Ray Hill
Pokey Anderson
Edward Albee
Suzanne Anderson
Gene Harrington
Cicely Wynne
Charles Armstrong
Jewel Gray
Jack Valinski
Carolyn Mobley
Bart Loesser
Annise Parker
Michael Peranteau
Deborah Bell
Atwood & Comeaux
Linda Morales

Brian Bradley
Nancy Ford
Lady Victoria Lust
John Buschlen
Pat Gandy
Buddy Johnston
Stephen Stein
Brandy Merritt
Michael Wilson

If you have any I am missing, and
if you can provide scans please contact me

I am showing links to the obituaries of those we have lost

Ray Hill

Edward Albee

Gene Harrington

Jewel Gray

Brian Bradley

Lady Victoria Lust - Marvin Davis

John Buschlen

below, doesn't quite count as being in the same series, but it's from
the time time period and artist, of Bill Scott, of the Montrose Counseling Center