Bar Association for Human Rights
of Greater Houston - BAHR
>> Stonewall Law Association


Founded on August 22, 1990 by Shimon Kaplan, John Paul Barnich,
Mitchell Katine and Mende Snodgras. And the articles of incorporation
stated that “The specific purpose of the Corporation is to promote
human rights through all lawful means.”

In spring 2000 BAHR changed its name to the Stonewall Lawyers
Association of Greater Houston, Inc. To recognize its long tradition of
welcoming non-lawyers as associate members, in fall 2002 the name
was changed to its current form, Stonewall Law Association of Greater Houston.

I could not do better at describing its work than to share an article written by
Judge Charles Spain, and published in "The Houston Lawyer," Jan-Feb 2017.
Download or, view it as it appeared in the magazine, Download

Some Early BAHR Clippings







above right, not a BAHR clipping, but photos of John Paul Barnich  are not plentiful:
below, Barnich and Steve Kirkland in 2005 Pride Parade