Appearances & Muscle Beach

Muscle Beach, 1982 - 1985
Appearances, 1983 - 1995

Ah, Shop the Curve, with that special atmosphere
that was retail Montrose. It was ever-changing,
of course but I'm highlighting two of its clothing stores.

Muscle Beach

First, in 1982, Muscle Beach showed up at a prime location on a corner,
with great visibility. Their first ad and TWT listing was 10/15/82.
And as it turned out, they did not advertize much





Above right was the last TWT listing, and interestingly, their listings for their last year also gave a West Bellfort address; and
it looks like they closed in March 1985 and by mid-June Appearances had moved into their (larger) space a few doors down


1983 - 1995
For a number of years Lynn Richard operated a very nice men's clothing store
on Westheimer, and while the merchandise was good, more special was the
atmosphere he brought to it. I remember it feeling more like a salon, a gathering
place, where you wished you could just stay for hours. Like he quoted in
one of the articles, "my store is s social store."
Does anyone know what happened to Lynn? Please email me.




neither of these businesses really advertized that much