GLBT Struggles

1971 Bathroom Warning
1980 Gay Mascot
1983 GLSSO Recognition Attempt
1995 GLSO Approval
1995 Delta Lamba Phi
1995 University Round-Up

From early Dallas publication Our Community, May 1971


well, I'm confused, was the mascot issue at SMU?
Cannot find any TWT articles on that...
but Did find several at UT Arlington.
Looks like they may have discriminatory
policies but not involving, in this case, a mascot.
The rest of the article is likely accurate for SMU.


The Battle for Student Group Recognition
Gay and Lesbian Student Support Organization



But, But....

Below, SMU and other Universities: A&M, Rice, UT Austin, Etc

big gap, 1984 to 1991...


Delta Lambda Phi Scrapbook
The History of the Beginning
with grateful thanks to Donovan Lord

News Clip
30 Seconds, 1995

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SMU Gay Day - /29/22
Photos from Steve Atkinson and Robert Emery

Robert Emery (left) and Dr David Doyle (History professor and Dallas Way Board Member)
below, D.R. Mann Hanson with Robert Emery



Other Universities:
U of H, UT Austin

UNT-Denton, A&M , Texas Tech Lubbock

Sam Houston SU-Huntsville, Rice University